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Programmatic Matters

The B2B Marketers Guide to The World of Programmatic Advertising

Picture Perfect Advertising.png

Picture Perfect Advertising

A marketer's guide to using visually compelling images and pictures in digital advertising.

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4 Steps to Build Truly Intelligent Machine Learning Models

Without data, artificial intelligence is pretty dumb.

B2B Data Report.png

The State of B2B Marketing Data

Results of an annual B2B research study showing how businesses can unlock success from data and analytics and what the biggest barriers to success really are.

Digital Marketing Playbook.png

The Digital Marketing Playbook

Digital advertising strategies for marketers to leverage the IAB's new Rising Stars display ad creative.

Native Programmatic.png

The Definitive Guide to Native Programmatic

What's native advertising? What's programmatic? This detailed solutions guide explains it all for advertisers.


Improving Performance with Data & Analytics

Detailed mid-funnel solutions guide to Dun & Bradstreet's B2B data and analytics services and products.

Analytics Case Studies.jpg

The Analytics Case Study Look Book

A compilation of D&B customer stories and case studies for its analytics services.

Enterprise Analytics .png

The Enterprise Analytics Research Study

Research study looking at how B2B companies use and employ analytics across the enterprise.

Relationship Data eBook.png

The Relationship Data Imperative

Using big data and analytics to understand the value of inter-connected business relationships.

Maximum Monetization.png

Maximum Monetization

Essential advertising strategies for creating value from your online ad inventory.

Native Ad Disclosure .png

Native Advertising Discolsure

Detailed research study to examine how consumers feel about sponsored and native advertising content.


The Native Advertising Look Book

A curated collection of unique native advertising formats from global brands.

Predicitve Analytics.png

Predicitve Versus Anticipatory Analytics

A comprehensive whitepaper outlining the major differences of B2B analytics and when and why to employ various analytical models in your business.

Objective Optimization.png

Multi-Objective Optimization

A smarter approach to pricing and media optimization for B2B publishers.

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